Hotlines Egypt (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

Hotlines Egypt is the 1st and only Android, iPhone, and Blackberry app exclusively containing all hotline numbers in Egypt (16xxx and 19xxx); governorates area codes; international country codes; as well as service numbers and commands for Vodafone Egypt, Mobinil, and Etisalat Misr. Coming soon: other Arab countries.

التطبيق الأول والوحيد للأندرويد والأيفون والبلاك بيري الذي يحتوي على جميع أرقام الخط الساخن في مصر وقريباً في الدول العربية ومفاتيح المحافظات والدول وأرقام خدمات شركات المحمول فودافون وموبينيل واتصلات مصر

Hotlines Egypt (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

- Search and get results broken down by company name and category
- Dial from within the app (iPhone only)
- Share the company hotline number(s) with friends via SMS or Email
- Fast and easy search engine provided in both "English" and "Arabic"
- Browse the list of short codes and commands for Etisalat, Mobinil, and Vodafone +++ This service is unique to Hotlines Egypt +++
- Mark numbers as "Favorites" for quick access
- "Feedback" feature to report a missing hotline number and send us your suggestions
- Choose between "English" or "Arabic" with one click anywhere in the app
- Browse the list of international country codes for all call destinations in the world
- Browse the list of area codes for all Egypt's governorates
- NO Ads
- Portrait and landscape screen orientation

What's new in version 2.0?

- iOS 5 support: The app is fully compatible with iOS 5.

- Over-the-air updates. Every time the app is opened while connected to the Internet (WiFi or 3G) new entries will be checked. In case new entries were found they will be downloaded automatically to app. Note: Please close and re-open the app to get the new additions.

- Additions tab: All the new entries downloaded via update will be listed there in chronological order. Note: entries will also be listed in their corresponding categories and searchable.

- Updates alert: Over the Additions tab there will be a badge with the number of entries updated since last time the user checked.

- Info screen overhaul: Info screen has been redesigned to simplify Nazzelha's communication with its users.

- Country codes and governorates codes can be either sorted by alphabetical order or numerical order of their corresponding names/codes.

- App-update notification: The user will be notified if there is a new version of Hotlines Egypt available on the App Store.

- Favorites reservation: User favorites will be preserved through out app-updates.

- Speed improvements for iOS 4 and iOS 5 utilizing Apple's new ARC technology.

- Various bug-fixes.

Hotlines Egypt (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

Hotlines Egypt (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

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Hotlines Egypt (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

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