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Creating an App Revolution!

Are you looking to put your engineering skills to use building beautiful apps? Does the idea of working on just one product day-in, day-out bore you? Are you not a "tie person"? Do you want to grow big in a record time? Well, you should love working at nazzelha.

"nazzelha is not typical, bloated, or 'red tape.'"
Y. Husseiny, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

In less than two years nazzelha grew beyond expectations, and it is determined to keep doing so! The company is driven primarily by client work, so you'll have an opportunity to work with Egypt's, Middle East's, and Africa's top firms, but also maintains a keen interest in leveraging its skills to add to its own growing library of consumer apps.

nazzelha Wants You

nazzelha is looking for those who strive to be the very best at what they do. We want ambitious, eccentric, and adaptive individuals who can look beyond job descriptions to changing people's lives.

"Just like a rocking party, everyone is invited."
A. Sha'alan, Software Engineer

nazzelha is a meritocratic environment that believes in equal opportunities for all, both pre and post-employment. nazzelha never discriminates on basis of religion, gender identity, sex, sexual preference, disability, nationality, age, pregnancy, location, military status, political views, social status or any other non-work related trait. Feel free to exclude those from your resume. You will only be judged based on technical, academic, and interpersonal abilities.

Interview Process

nazzelha never wastes time!

You will send your resume to, if you are as impressive as we sure you are and we have an open position for you, we'll call you to arrange an interview to a time of your convenience. Again, no need for a tie! You will be shown around and have a little chat with both management and future geek colleagues as well. You will then be given you a little assignment to best demonstrate skills for the applied position. If it all checks out, you're hired!

Benefits and Perks

- Competitive salaries.
- Vacation days and times off.
- Flexible times.
- Dedicated hours for study and rest.
- Free drinks and snacks.
- Monthly hack day.
- Cutting-edge equipment.
- Order books for free.
- Company outings.

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